The Lion's Deceit Reviews

With beautiful colours and fine illustrations, this book is totally enlightening and very entertaining to be shared with little kids as well as adults and parents. Kids will enjoy reading and learn a great thing of putting effort and know that every actions we take will lead to different consequences.
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The Haunting of Wolfe Haven's Blog

When this book is released it will become a part of my professional library and I will be highly recommending it for years to come.
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Otukile not only teaches children the value of working hard, she also conveys the need to observe and consider situations carefully so as not to be taken in by the wiles of others who would manipulate your trust to take advantage of you. She also gently emphasizes the benefit of working as a community; an emphasis sorely needed in our time. member kssunflower

A wonderfully written and illustrated story for children. member strogan
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